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Cameră viata sălbătică Secacam 5

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1x Secacam 5 & 1x Secacam 7 $ 510,00
1x Secacam 5 & Security case $ 273,00
1x Secacam 5 & Security case & Solarpanel $ 377,00
1x Secacam 7 $ 306,00
1x Secacam 7 & Security case $ 327,00
1x Secacam 7 & Security case & Solarpanel $ 424,00
1x Secam 5 $ 251,00
1x Secam 5 100° $ 196,00
2x Secacam 5 $ 452,00
2x Secacam 5 & 2x Security case $ 530,00
2x Secacam 7 $ 550,00
2x Secacam 7 & 2x Security case $ 620,00
3x Secacam 5 $ 680,00
3x Secacam 7 $ 830,00

Descriere produs

Din pacate, descrierea acestui produs nu a fost inca tradusa in limba romana, din acest motiv veti gasi in loc o descriere in limba engleza.

ZEISS Trail cameras
In your hunting ground with just one click

For efficient and responsible hunting, it is essential to have the deepest possible insight into the population and movements of game in your hunting ground. As a result, cellular trail cameras have become indispensable hunting equipment.

ZEISS Secacam 5
The compact observer.

The trail cameras from ZEISS provide you with an insight into the hunting area through detailed and high-contrast images. Thanks to the infrared flash with 60 black LEDs and the extremely light-sensitive photo sensor, the ZEISS Secacam trail cameras manage to record sharp, excellently illuminated photos and videos even in complete darkness.

The compact design and light weight of the ZEISS Secacam 5 allow you to mount the camera in tight spots, trees, bushes or other inaccessible places. This allows it to be used in different types of terrain and habitats.

Attach securely
Simply mount the trail camera to its location using a strap, cable lock, or tripod thread (not included) and start monitoring right away thanks to plug-and-play functionality. All batteries, SD card, and SIM card are already installed.

Easy to activate
The ZEISS Secacams 5 & 7 are easy to operate even without extensive technical knowledge – their intelligent default settings are already perfect for most applications. If you do want to change something, however, the large color display and the backlit keys make it easy.

Connect effortlessly
In the last step, simply link your ZEISS Secacam with the ZEISS Secacam app. Enter the activation code included with the camera in the app to connect the two. From now on, you're ready to start monitoring your hunting ground in the highest image quality.

Best-in-class ZEISS image quality during the day and at night
Delivering clear, vibrant images during an eclipse or in low-light conditions is a significant challenge for cameras of all types. But with the ZEISS Secacams 5 & 7, you can see every movement in the field in greater detail and contrast than ever before, thanks to the ZEISS image quality you’ve come to expect – whether during the day or at night.

Ready for use within five minutes
You don't need any know-how or much time to set up the ZEISS Secacams 5 & 7. Multi-roaming SIM and 32 GB memory card, as well as the charged 8 batteries type LR6 (AA) are already inserted - so you can start right away.

Extensive network coverage in Europe
The modern LTE module with integrated multi-roaming SIM card can dial into networks from a wide range of providers and automatically selects the best available network at the location. The cameras can transmit in 35 countries including Switzerland, Norway and the UK – at no extra charge.

Reliable App-Connectivity
The ZEISS Secacam App not only lets you manage your wildlife camera, but also share it with your contacts. You can also check camera status data like the battery level at any time, check the location of the camera on a map, or view your best shots in the gallery.

Built to withstand the elements
ZEISS trail cameras demonstrate their best-in-class quality particularly in the toughest weather conditions – the high-precision seal protects the wildlife cameras from water and the rugged housing even withstands pouring rain and hail. Even heat and snowfall won’t affect the functionality of the wildlife cameras.

Fast trigger speed
The highly sensitive motion sensor precisely detects animal movements. The fast triggering time (< 0.35 ~ 0.45 seconds) of the ZEISS Secacam results in minimal motion blur for easier response. During triggering, the trail camera automatically adjusts the strength of the flash, which is invisible to animals and humans. This prevents incorrect exposures and minimizes energy consumption.

European data protection standards
The heart of ZEISS Secacams is the software developed in Germany. Intuitive user interfaces, advanced features and seamless connectivity make your ZEISS trail camera a truly exceptional experience. All your data is stored in our own ZEISS cloud technology and and is thus subject to strict EU data protection regulations, your personal information and camera data is thus optimally protected from unauthorized access or misuse.

Small and compact
The small size of this trail camera makes it a flexible hunting helper, there is always room for the ZEISS Secacam 5. Thanks to its low weight, it can be transported more easily and used flexibly - even on smaller objects.

Comentariul expertilor nostrii:

Din pacate, descrierea acestui produs nu a fost inca tradusa in limba romana, din acest motiv veti gasi in loc o descriere in limba engleza.

To take advantage of all the features of this wildlife camera, e.g. sending photos and videos, temporary storage on a cloud server, animal detection and theft protection, you will need a separate service contract.

Information on the ABO or prepaid tariffs can be found under this link from ZEISS
Stefan Rieger

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Tip blit
Raza de actiune blit (m)
Tip senzor
Senzor de distanta (m)
White balance
Capacitate de stocare extensibila
da (SD/SDHC, pana la 32GB)
comunicare mobila


Ecran LCD
Fotografie color
mod nocturn
Functie video
Imagini in serie
Rezistent la apa
Anti - furt


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1x Secam 5


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Mignon (AA, LR6)

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ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5
ZEISS Cameră  viata sălbătică Secacam 5


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