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Camera EOS 4000Da Super UV/IR-Cut

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EOS 2000D $ 960,00
EOS 250D $ 1.260,00
EOS 4000D $ 910,00
EOS 6D MK II $ 2.120,00
EOS 850D $ 1.480,00
EOS 90D $ 1.980,00

Descriere produs

Din pacate, descrierea acestui produs nu a fost inca tradusa in limba romana, din acest motiv veti gasi in loc o descriere in limba engleza.

The small a stands for astromodified: This camera is usually equipped with a filter that attenuates the red spectral range so that the sensor comes close to the human perception of color during daytime vision. For use in astronomy, this is a problem because the important H-alpha line, in which astronomical gas nebulae glow, also lies in range. This filter will be removed for the astromodification.

The astromodified version of the DSLR therefore has a higher red sensitivity in the range of H-alpha or SII than the original version. This makes gas nebulae in the sky accessible for photography. Since these regions are often particularly extensive, the astromodified DSLRs can fully exploit their large sensor.

The many advantages of astromodified DSLR for astrophotography:

  • Ideal for extended nebulae, thanks to large chip and high sensitivity in the H-alpha range.
  • Built-in computer: You don't need a laptop or an external power supply - no cable clutter!
  • Lots of accessories and versatile applications.
  • Monitor with LiveView

The astromodification is being carried out by the company AstroHobby in Italy by replacing the original Canon filter. The following different versions of astromodification are available:

Baader Astromodification: The Baader Planetarium BCF filter, specially developed for this purpose in Germany, allows light with wavelengths of 420-680 nm to reach the sensor. This means a 4 times higher sensitivity for H-alpha than an unmodified camera.

Super UV/IR-Cut Astromodification: The Super UV/IR-Cut Filter works like the Baader Filter. However, the transmitted spectral range is further enlarged: From 400-700 nm all visible light is collected by your camera.

Full Range Astromodification: The camera becomes sensitive to light in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared ranges (starting at 300 nm). It is therefore ideal if you want to remain flexible. With additional filters, this camera can be used for normal daylight photography, pure infrared imaging or demanding astrophotography.

The scope of delivery of the astromodified camera is the same as that of the camera manufacturer: camera body, battery, charger, USB cable, manual.

Please note: For astromodification, the original packaging of the cameras is opened and photos are taken for testing purposes so that the counter is no longer zero. However, the cameras are of course not used. Used goods are expressly marked as such in our shop.

Date tehnice


EOS 4000D
Tip camera
camera SLR
Tip senzor
Dimensiune chip (mm)
22 x 15 (APS-C)
Timp minim de expunere
Timp maxim de expunere (min)
Funcţie imagine live
Conexiune obiectiv
obiective EF si EF-S
Număr puncte de măsurare
Imagini pe secunda
Format imagine
Rezolutie imagine
5184 x 3456
Functie video
Rezolutie video
1920 x 1080
Sensibilitate ISO
100 - 6400
Tip card de memorie
Camera color
Distanta flansa (mm)
Dimensiune pixel
Tip baterie


Greutate (g)
Dimensiuni exterioare Lxlxh (cm)
12,9 x 10,2 x 7,7
Super UV/IR-Cut Astro-Mod

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*Toate preţurile includ TVA, plus costurile de transport maritim.

Canon Camera EOS 4000Da Super UV/IR-Cut
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