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300N Cap panoramic pentru trepied cu poziţie de blocare

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Descriere produs

Din pacate, descrierea acestui produs nu a fost inca tradusa in limba romana, din acest motiv veti gasi in loc o descriere in limba engleza.

The 300N panoramic rotation unit allows the photographer to take sequential constant-angle shots around a single axis, an essential part of achieving accurate and easy-to-stitch panoramic compositions. The set positions of the 300N give ample choice of rotation angle and so of number of photos needed to complete a 360° pan and cover the most common requests of panoramic photographers depending on the camera/lens equipment used.
To make angle selection easier, a ''click-stop'' selector screw is included and attached to a safety cable
to prevent it from being separated from the head and getting lost. The 300N also comes complete with a secondary locking screw which stops unwanted or accidental rotation of the head when heavy or off-centre equipment makes it less balanced or when the head is used for non-horizontal rotation.
The 300N can also be used as a turntable base for object panoramas, or as a means of reading the angle of rotation of camera pan movements in a range of photography. A camera can be mounted on the panoramic unit by adding one of a range of quick release, sliding or fixed plates or a conventional geared, ball or 3-way head.

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Cap panoramic
Capacitate de incarcare (kg)
Filet pentru conectare camera
Raza de inclinare (°)
Interval de oscilare (°)
Numar mansoane


Clema de inclinare
Clema de pendulare
Operare cu o singura mana
Scala panorama


Inaltime (cm)
Greutate (kg)
Manfrotto 300N Cap panoramic pentru trepied cu poziţie de blocare


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