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The universe with one click! Seestar S50
The Seestar S50 is a compact smart telescope with a 50mm aperture for anyone who is fascinated by the universe. Just imagine being able to create fascinating astrophotos of stars, galaxies and nebulae at the touch of a button. All with zero effort, no requirement of prior knowledge and of professional quality.
Intelligent technology, a compact all-in-one design and an intuitive app make this possible. The secrets of the universe are now literally in front of your eyes.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Just like the big players: True apochromatic lens with 50mm aperture for crystal clear images which with instantly enchant any viewer
  • GoTo, auto focus and live tracking - watch along live as the image is created before your very eyes
  • With a free app as the central control point for unforgettable tours of the skies
  • Simple astrophotos: Set up telescope, open app, and go
  • Battery for 6 hours of astrophotography at a time
  • Welcome to the future of astrophotography!

Astrophotos as if by magic
With the Seestar, photographing celestial objects becomes child's play. It does everything itself! Simply select your desired object and voilà! The telescope finds its target and automatically selects the correct focus. Thanks to star tracking and automatic stacking, a continuously improving image appears in front of your eyes. And this is how it works…

5 smart steps to creating an astrophoto
The Seestar reduces the amount of work you would otherwise have to undertake:

  • Automatic alignment - set the telescope up and let it take over the navigation for itself. Thanks to pattern recognition and your smartphone's GPS, the Seestar knows every star.
  • GoTo system - the telescope moves towards an object at the touch of a button. You don't need to do anything else manually.
  • Auto tracking - motors automatically keep the celestial object within the image field, even if you like observing for hours on end.
  • Auto focus - no trial and error, automatically focuses on the object.
  • Auto stacking - multiple stacked images make the object clearer and clearer until the finished astrophoto appears. Of course, you can also share it with your friends instantly using your smartphone.

Experience how the Orion Nebula grows into a gigantic structure, how the spiral arms wind themselves around the Whirlpool Galaxy, or how the open Perseus double cluster reveals hundreds of sparkling stars. So you can see the universe with new eyes.

Your central control unit for the skies

Using the free Seestar app, you can navigate your telescope through the sea of stars. Like the captain on the bridge, you always have a full overview. What are the weather conditions and temperature like? Which objects are currently in view? Where would it be good to travel to next?
Star maps, top objects for the night or an extensive object database: The app provides so many opportunities and ways to explore the universe in your own way. Follow its recommendations or simply move it away from the most popular objects. With the accompanying information about the objects, you will soon become an authority on the night skies. You are just minutes away from the most stunning objects.

Clear images & fine resolution
The telescope is equipped with a 50mm apochromatic triplet lens and an IMX462 sensor with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Together they form a team which creates a crystal clear image and pictures with a depth of detail which was impossible until recently.

Astrophotography is easy
With the easy-to-carry, lightweight (only 3kg!) Seestar, it is very easy to transport and can be set up in any location you desire. Whether you take it with you on a hillwalk or simply set it up in your garden, this telescope is always ready for action.

Deep sky or Moon: The Seestar is an expert in both
Two powerful modes with one common goal... impressive photos. In video mode, you capture the Moon and planets using short exposure times and, thus, create clear images. In capture mode, long exposure times take you further out to deep sky objects such as nebulae and galaxies. With the Seestar 50 and its functions, you can not only experience part of the spectrum of the universe, but the whole of it.

Who is the telescope designed for?

  • Have little time or patience but still want beautiful astrophotos?
  • Don't want to do everything yourself, rather make use of new technology?
  • Are you a visual observer but individual images intrigue you?
  • Have little space in your luggage but would like a telescope for travelling?
  • Want results without having to grapple with the complex process of image editing?

This this smart telescope is your go-to product for fascinating astrophotos at the press of a button.


  • Seestar S50 smart telescope
  • Tripod

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ZWO Refractor apochromat AP 50/250 Seestar S50
ZWO Refractor apochromat AP 50/250 Seestar S50
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