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LED LENSER Lanterna, X21.2

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LED LENSER Lanterna, X21.2
LED LENSER Lanterna, X21.2
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Descriere produs:

Din pacate, descrierea acestui produs nu a fost inca tradusa in limba romana, din acest motiv veti gasi in loc o descriere in limba engleza.

The X Series offers lamps for those who like superlatives. Particularly the focusable X21R.2 shows the striking light output that can be created by employing seven chips. With this lamp, illumining large areas and achieving impressive ranges are child’s play.

Our flagship just got even better

The new version of the LED LENSER® X21.2 has been consistently further developed(compared to the predecessor model, the LED LENSER® X21). The impressive lightingperformance of up to 1600 lumen* can be focused using seven reflector lenses. The patented**** Advanced Focus Systems (AFS) and the X LENS Technology fuse the precise bundle ofrays to a circular, homogeneous close-up light or a highly concentrated searchlight.


X-lens Technology
The job of a technological leader is to develop leading technology.

If one combines a leading technology with a good portion of fascination, sometimes the outcome is a piece of magic.
The X-LENS technology multiplies the advantages of our Advanced Focus Systems (AFS) and lifts the result into a new and light qualitative dimension. Once again we optimized our lenses, with help of complex computer calculations, in order to receive a cluster of perfectly synchronized beams. The precision and the brightness of not only one, but nearly any amount of refl ector lenses contribute to a sheer unbelievable light experience. The result of a high-grade homogeneous, stage-like fl oodlight, as well as the sharpest bundled high beam, is as much a surprise as it is graceful.

Speed Focus
One handed focusing

The Speed Focus mechanism is fast, reliable and in many respects superior to conventional pivot mechanisms. It helps you create new worlds of light for every occasion. In the Advanced Focus System, the LED and the reflector-lens system are aligned on one axis. In order to achieve accurate positioning of the optical units, axis positions are gauged by laser. In order to focus or defocus, the reflector-lens has to move relative to the lens. In conventional systems, this is achieved by turning the lamp head. We thought that solution way too slow and not really suitable if you want to operate the lamp with one hand. That’s why we developed Speed Focus, a onehand slide focusing mechanism. The noticeable advantage: You can switch from one light modus to another in a flash.

Smart Light Technology (3 functions)

  • Power - High light output, for each situation.
  • Low Power - Glare-free reading and working with this function is to lightest discipline.
  • Defence Strobe - The high-frequency light flashes (strobes) are a quick and effective method of defense. The US Army is now on this technology in the field of "Non-Lethal Weapons" (NOT lethal weapons).

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