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Encoder for AXJ Mount

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Descriere produs

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Make your AXJ mount more comfortable and precise with high precision encoders!
The Vixen AXJ encoders allow you to manually move to the celestial objects via the monitor. Generally, computer-controlled mounts have an automatic "go-to" system where the position of the objects through a 2-star allighnment must be stored before the observation. Once you have done this, the mount is able to find the objects automatically. However, if you loosen the clamping levers on the mount while using the "go-to" system, the telescope loses information to identify the object positions and the "Go-to" becomes unusable. For this reason, the telescope could not be moved manually.

However, with the AXJ encoder, this is now possible. You can "go-to" one object and manually adjust the next by releasing the clamp, without losing the positioning information on the next "go-to". On the high resolution monitor of the STARBOOK TEN control you can now adjust the objects comfortably by hand. The second big advantage is an enormously high tracking accuracy with a periodic error <0.5 arcseconds which allows long time exposures of faint celestial objects without an autoguiding system.

This is a dream for any serious astrophotographer. The AXJ encoders are mounted inside the mount, and thus do not affect the dimensions of the AXJ mount. So there is no need to buy a larger storage case.


  • RA Encoder Sensor: Reflective laser sensor
  • 2 pieces Refractive rotation disk made of glass
  • Resolving power: 0.1 arc seconds
  • Periodic error: Less than 0.5 arc seconds rms (typical)
  • Power supply: From AXJ mount DC5V 0.2A
  • Electrical Terminal: D-SUB15PIN female (connected to AXJ)
  • Dimensions and weight: 99.5 mm diameter x 27 mm thickness / 350 g
  • DC Encoder Sensor: Reflective optical sensor
  • Resolving power: 0.2 arc seconds
  • Power supply: From AXJ mount DC5V 0.1A
  • Electrical Terminal: D-SUB9PIN female (connected to AXJ)

Scope of Delivery

  • AXJ Encoder (2pcs)
  • Mounting tool
  • Mounting screws

Date tehnice


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0 - 40


Diametru (mm)
Inaltime (mm)
Greutate (g)
Material exterior
Vixen Encoder for AXJ Mount
Vixen Encoder for AXJ Mount


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